VMP Stage 4 Power Package for 13-14 GT500 2.3L Trinity

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The VMP Tune and the power package really transformed the GT500! Adding boost, whine, and power all in one!



The 2013-14 GT500 uses nearly 5 decades of experience to build America's state of the art Muscle Car. You'd think at 660+hp, we'd leave well enough alone, right? Haha, RIGHT! OK, so how about turning that 660 flywheel horsepower into rear wheel horse power? Still not enough? Fine....700 rwhp it is then!

Our experience with the '13 came early and VMP's modifying was well documented in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine.

VMP's GT500 STAGE 4 Power Pack for the 2013-14 Shelby has everything it takes to deliver up to a 100+ rear wheel horsepower increase!

Package Includes:

  • SCT X4 Tuning Device
  • VMP 2.4" Press-on Pulley
  • 90mm Idler Pulley
  • JLT 123mm CAI
  • VMP Twin 67mm TB
  • VMP Custom Tuning