VMP Gen 3 R Install on my GT500! Making Big Power Now!

In this video we installed the VMP 2.65L Gen 3 R Supercharger on my 2014 GT500. Thanks to VMP the GT500 is now a monster!

VMP Gen3R Supercharger – http://bit.ly/19-June-PP-62819-YT-Text-MLVMPGen3R
FIC 1000 Injectors – http://bit.ly/19-June-PP-62819-YT-Text-MLFIC1000
BOOSTane – http://bit.ly/19-June-PP-62819-YT-Text-MLBOOSTANE
VMP Twin Jet 67 mm TB – http://bit.ly/19-June-PP-62819-YT-Text-ML67TB
Pulleys – http://bit.ly/19-June-PP-62819-YT-Text-MLSCPulleys

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