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Mustang Lifestyle: “It is not just a car, it is a lifestyle”. This quote is the idea that started it all. Andrew began Mustang Lifestyle to express, share, and indulge in the car culture via Instagram. Mustang Lifestyle has since grown with YouTube and Facebook and Mustangs have become more and more involved in Andrew’s life. Ashley and Scott are now part of the Mustang Lifestyle team and together we give you an insight into the Mustang Lifestyle.


32 thoughts on “About Us

  1. How about a page here listing the mods on all your ponies.
    Does Ash run a stock shifter on her 5.0?
    On the 99 GT I had I ran an MGW short throw and loved it, especially the 3rd gear preload so you never missed a 2-3 shift.

      1. Hey Andrew
        My car is setup like Ashley’s but I have a tremec t56 2.97 first gear and 3.73 rears I’m looking for a drag pack for the car do you know anybody who has one and what did you use on hers?
        Thanks and keep them videos coming

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  3. Hello,

    Came across your channel last week and have been watching your videos ever since. Just wondering if you guys can do a video talking more about each of you. For example how did you all meet and what do you do to be able to afford all these cool cars and to have all that fun?! And if you have already then my apologies I’m sure I will come across that video soon lol.


    1. Watch a lot of you guys videos and I just built a fox body for my son and student doing some cruises with you guys

  4. I recently stumbled across y’all’s vids not too long ago and now I watch them religiously. I wish I had the time, and patience, to do my own vlogs.
    I just purchased an SN95 for $500 and i have plans for it to be somethin worth your time but I do live in west-central Texas soooo, yeah… I will sport your stuff from here for now.
    Now, I do have a daughter that lives in Lady Lake and I have every intention in goin to see her in this crazy stang but I would not mind, one bit, comin to hang out one Wednesday night… if not goin to the track. Just love everything y’all do

  5. I also stumbled across you on youtube and definitely love the Mustang brotherhood. I picked me up a T-shirt and a sticker to support you guys so keep up the good entertaining work.

  6. Hey Guys,

    Love watching your youtube vids loved the “tail of the dragon” looked like a blast. I live in Australia and I have Ordered my shadow black 2017 Mustang GT manual and its due to land in OZ on Mid July, Cannot wait to drive this thing, was first car I have ever ordered and not driven.
    Keep the great videos coming.

  7. Hey guys I ordered a T-shirt on March 1st and I still haven’t received it yet any word on what I should do….

  8. I absolutely love your content and I always look forward to some new vids, I came across your channel about last month and I’ve been watching every video since, and unfortunately I don’t have the skills and knowledge to diagnose some complex problems with the mustangs and sometimes the simple ones too, but I’m still learning from watching you guys and others

  9. Also, currently I have a new edge 2000 mustang GT(Manual) that I was extremely lucky enough to get as my first car(on my birthday) which I was able to choose and ride in before my father changed the title name into my name for my birthday, and it has a Hurst short throw shifter, bbk cold air intake, bbk x-pipe, flowmaster 40’s(I think), no cats, Accel coils, and Cobra wheels in the rear with some pretty nice tires, like a race compound I just don’t know the name but they’re pretty wide also, it has lowering springs (no coilovers yet), and I think stage 2 clutch, and I think bbk shorty headers, sorry my comments were long, I’ve gone a little overboard

  10. hey guys i’m Jeremy, just figured id drop a line and see if yall will be going to midnight meyham at orlando drag this may 27th…im from iowa and we will be down there visiting this week and figured if yall go ill check it out since itll be my birthday..plz let me kno would love to check out the cars.

  11. I recently got a 01 mustang gt convertible and need help I have always had foxbody stangs. This car has a different look then I wanted and was curious what bumper was on your Cobra or turdzillia. I like that on with chin guard. Could u tell me if it would fit mine and where I can get one?

  12. Hello….Love your vids…I have a 03 Cobra…32,000 mi…Crower stage 3 cams…4:10 gears…Whipple 2.3…4lb lower…3.25 upper…Ford racing T6060…Spec 3 clutch…Borla Stingers…Bassani X…IRS bushing kit…Ford Racing FR500 wheels..99 Cobra tail lights…and a Partrige in a pear tree…great Tgiving vid…I have owned my Cobra since new and love it…Redfire paint….640 rwhp with tune that is in it…4:10 gears make it spool up super quick…just a blast to drive…Being in Ohio…car is stored now…but replaced water pump & changed oil before putting it away…also bought another crossover pipe and sent it to have it polished…should look great in the spring…Happy Thanksgiving…Paul.

  13. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the great videos and Mustang content. I recently purchased the 2018 Mustang GT and have noticed that you guys occassionaly Dyno the vehicles. Do you have any recommendations on how to get my vehicle dyno’ed? I also live in the central Florida area and would like to have a starting point before the fun mods begin. Keep those great videos coming

    1. Mastiff Performance in Debary FL has a great dyno. Give them a call and set up a time to run the car on there. Stephanie and George are great over there.

  14. I recently watched the video of the Whipple supercharger being installed on Ashley’s car and would like the number to the shop of Nick Curtin for a possible install of the Hellion turbo kit on my S550.

  15. Hello. I’m Ryan and my fiance owns a 2003 mustang base v6. Its very basic except for the Walmart radio and subwoofer. Just wanted to see if ya’ll still meet up and accept a base v6 and have any tips for a v6 owner (other than sell it and get a GT). My fiance loves her mustang and probably would not sell it. It has the t5 transmission and 7.5 rear end. Its all stock.

  16. Hey guys. When do you meet at the deltona racetrac? I would like to come up there with my new edge v6. It’s a t5 tranny and havent done anything to it. Wanted to talk to you guys about what I can do to it to make it faster and louder. It needs new exhaust because of the obvious exhaust leaks. I have a new flywheel, clutch plate, pressure plate, throw out bearing and the little bearing that goes in the crankshaft end and a new rear main seal. The transmission needs to be rebuilt as well. So I have some work to do on it and have most of the tools to do it. I’m not asking your help. Just wanting to know if y ok u have any tips and suggestions for doing the work. It’s my fiance’s car and she has given me the go ahead to make it a project car. I think you guys would have some really good ideas on what I can do to this car to make it sound better and look better. She eventually wants it painted yellow. She loves yellow. Can you plaease message me back and let me know when you meet up?

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