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VMP Fuel Pump Voltage booster/regulator module - wire-in model

-Fixed 18.5v continuous output
-high efficiency
-40amp rating

No knobs or switches to accidentally adjust, full regulated power all the time.

Easy 2 wire installation for the non-pnp version.


Recommended for supercharged, turbo, and nitrous cars with extra fuel demands, will allow the factory pump to support an additional 30-50% more horsepower without loss of fuel pressure.

On 05-10 GT it is good for 550-600rwhp on the stock pump, on 11-14 GT its good for 700-800rwhp on the stock pump. Dual units recomended for GT500. Works on any vehicle's fuel system.

*We recently had some questions about competing fuel pump boosters and how they compare to the VMP unit. The VMP unit is designed to be always on, it's a high efficiency unit and does not require any additional power wires or pressure switches. We do include a 30 amp fuse to replace the stock 20 amp fuse in the underhood fuse box. We hook ours up all the time to prevent any pressure spikes that may occur when a booster is triggered in the middle of a pull by a pressure switch. In the case of 11-14 GT500, the computer is already modulating fuel pump duty cycle and only giving the car the pressure and flow it needs. For tuning, we recommending you reduce the Fuel Pump Voltage Table (under Returnless fuel pump) by 1-2 volts all over and fine tune from there by datalogging. On the 11-14 5.0L Mustang the factory single pump is modulated between high and low speeds by the computer. We recommend changing the high speed threshold in the tune (under Returnless fuel pump) from 0.80 lb/min to 3 lb/min (see below) on blower cars. On naturally aspirated cars this value can be raised to 4-5lb/min for NA tunes and lowered back down to 2-3lb/min on the nitrous tune. The same values would be recommended for cars running E85.