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We tested the VMP 163 R Throttle body on Andrew's 2014 GT500 to see what we could do and the results are impressive!


  • Simple bolt-on installation 
  • The part number with a -G suffix uses 2005-2014 style electronics for compatibility with vehicles of that era 
  • Comes assembled and tested with factory digital electronics 
  • Elliptical mono-blade design provides a combination of high flow and great drive-ability
  • Recommended for positive displacement blower applications in the 1000+ rwhp range 

Size and fitment: 

  • Based on the GT500 bolt-pattern 
  • Opening shape is based on the VMP Gen3R supercharger 
  • Elliptical blade measures 82 mm tall x 153 mm wide 
  • The “163” designates the surface area of the opening. Measuring and naming throttle bodies by blade width is not accurate for flow potential, especially when the blade shape is not a true oval. VMP has chosen to designate their line of monoblade throttle bodies by surface area. 

Modern supercharged engines can make over 1000 rwhp. Most customers targeting these power levels go for the biggest throttle body available on the market. They are very disappointed when they find their setup is difficult to tune and drive with these huge throttle bodies. 

Designed to make big power while avoiding the tuning issues many of the larger throttle bodies have, the VMP 163R throttle body is a great solution for those running a power adder on their vehicle and want to push it to 1,000+ rwhp. 

Custom designed and properly tuned, the VMP 163R is large enough to make power, but not so large that the fly by wire electronics cannot control the blade. This avoids a “failsafe” condition often indicated by a wrench light on the dash with throttle bodies that are too large. 

Created for high-power applications, the VMP 163R should only be used on builds where the extra size and flow is needed.  Lower power builds should use our Twinjet 67mm, 69mm, or VMP 137 monoblade.  

Built with the same electronics found on 2007-2014 GT500s and 2011-2014 Mustangs and F-150s 5.0 L, the VMP 163R monoblade throttle body comes with electronics pre-installed, tested, and set. Simply bolt the VMP throttle body onto the vehicle and load the proper tune from a qualified tuner.

The VMP 163R monoblade throttle body requires special tuning such as ETC Default Angle set to 0*, correct open loop feed forward and effective area tables. Recommended for heavily modified engines such as those with aftermarket cam shafts. The increased lift and duration of aftermarket cams will reduce engine vacuum, making large throttle bodies much smoother and easier to tune.  Requires 900 RPM minimum idle speed on stock cam shaft engines. 

VMP makes this information available, however, if the rest of the tune is not done properly, correct throttle body data alone will not fix the tune problems.

Includes: VMP 163R Super Monoblade throttle body  
Recommended: Gen3R gasket VMP-ING000 (included with SC purchase)