S550 BMR Must Have Suspension Package

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This suspension package includes everything needed to make your high horsepower S550 hook up on the street and cut a 60 foot at the track. This package is designed to work together and make getting alignment easy and to get a 800+rwhp S550 down the track drama free. As seen in Jordan's 9 Second build. The car went 1.44 60 foot leaving off idle with a stock converter. 

Jordan's car also dead hooks on the street from 40-60 MPH Rolls which makes the car deadly for any other car that tries it!

Suspension Includes:

  • BMR Drag Springs - SP086
  • Viking Double Adjustable Crusader Shocks - VIK-B358AM
  • BMR Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit Level 2 - CB005
  • BMR Lower Control Arm Bearing Kit - BK081
  • BMR Differential Bushing Lockout Kit - BK051
  • BMR Toe Rods On Car Adjustable - TR005
  • Vertical Links Poly - TCA048