ML Tune for Mustang Shelby GT350/GT350R Naturally Aspirated with RTD

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Ford's 2016+ Mustang Shelby GT350s and GT350R with the new 5.2L Voodoo engine are a beast from the factory. We have managed to figure out how to squeeze even more out of these naturally aspirated Voodoos. Whether your mustang is bone stock or full bolt on we can optimize your car. This tune package is specifically for Naturally Aspirated GT350 and GT350R. This package includes device. If you already have a HP Tuners RTD feel free to reach out via email. Email:

This tuning package includes:

  • 93 Octane Tune
  • E85 Tune
  • HP Tuners RTD (with 2 Credits included)
  • Data logging to perfectly dial in your car. 
  • Auto or Manual Transmission
  • Optional Ghost Cam Tune (on request)
  • Optional Pop Tune (on request)

NOTE: LU47 Injector Upgrade may be necessary on your vehicle as we approach the 500whp mark. Depending on Ethonol content we typically see the injectors max out above 7500 rpm on E85 at 480+whp. 

 Below is a 2016 GT350 with JLT Cold Air Intake, E85, and Catted Longtube Headers. We would expect to see over 500whp with LU47 Injector upgrade.