Lethal Performance FUEL+ Plug and Play 40amp Fuel Pump Voltage Booster (2011-2022 Mustang GT)

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Running out of fuel on your current build? Want to support more power or a different fuel type? The Lethal Performance FUEL+ plug and play fuel pump booster is the answer.

Our 40amp fuel pump voltage booster provides a constant 18v to your factory fuel pump giving you the ability to support more power and different fuel types. 100% plug and play design makes installation of the FUEL+ a breeze. No cutting or soldering is required due to our OEM style wire pigtail. Simply unplug the connector to your factory FPDM (fuel pump driver module) and install our FUEL+ unit along with the OEM style pigtail and you're in business.

The FUEL+ works for E85 conversions as well as cars running aftermarket supercharger and turbo setups. The FUEL+ is also tuner friendly and very reliable.

Product Features:
Increases Fuel Pump Flow
Support More Power Safely
Tuner Friendly
Simple Plug and Play Installation
Includes 40amp Fuse
Instructions: Downloadable from our website

2015+ cars require trimming of the tabs on the side of the factory FPDM connector and pigtail. TUNINGWe recommend a reduction in the fuel pump voltage table (under Returnless fuel pump) by 1-2 volts across the board and datalog for additional fine tuning. On the 11-17 5.0L Mustang the factory single fuel pump is modulated between high and low speeds by the PCM. We recommend changing the high speed threshold in the tune (under Returnless fuel pump) from 0.80 lb/min to 3 lb/min on supercharged cars. On naturally aspirated cars this value can be raised to 4-5lb/min for NA tunes and lowered back down to 2-3lb/min on a nitrous oxide tune.

Check out our full write-up on FUEL+ units HERE!

Fuse Included is only for 11-14 Cars
19+ Mustangs come standard with a box-style fuse, not blade, and 30A standard