Lethal Performance 2011-2017 Mustang GT Level 1 Return Style Fuel System

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Are you running out of fuel with your current combo or simply looking to support more power or different fuel types without breaking the bank? We've got the solution for you. The all new Level 1 Return style fuel system for your 2011-2017 Ford Mustang GT is exactly what you need. Not only does this kit have the ability to work with your stock fuel rails but has the ability to be upgraded later on. So if you're looking to add an additional pump or some aftermarket fuel rails at a later date the Level 1 Return system has that flexibility.

Utilizing the DivisionX S197-C billet fuel hat as the systems backbone you can run up to 3 pumps based on what type of power you're looking to support and what fuel you'll be using. We then run a 8an feed line to our aftermarket fuel filter and from there the Aeromotive X1 Series EFI bypass regulator. From there we feed the stock fuel rail with an OEM adapter. Fuel is returned to the fuel tank with a 6an return hose off of the regulator. Our Level 1 system uses all Fragola PTFE fuel hoses which are pre-assembled and won't leak or smell of fuel. Included in this system is our dual pump return style wiring harness which is plug and play with the DivisionX S197-C fuel hat. The triple pump wiring harness is available as an upgrade for those looking to run 3 pumps.

Why go with this system as opposed to others that use a factory style fuel hat and pump setup? This system has much more capability than other kits on the market and as mentioned can easily be upgraded to a triple pump setup or with aftermarket fuel rails. Our competitors are stuck using only 2 inferior fuel pumps where this system has the option to use one of many of the top notch pump offerings from Walbro.

What's Included?:
DivisonX S197-C Triple Pump Fuel Hat
Aeromotive X1 Series EFI Bypass Regulator (with fuel pressure gauge)
DivisionX Dual Pump Return Style Wiring Harness (Triple Pump Harness Optional)
DivisionX High Flow Fuel Filter (Stainless Washable E85 Compatible Element)
Walbro Fuel F90000267 456lph E85 Approved Pumps (upgradable)
Fragola Pre-Assembled PTFE Feed and Return Lines
OEM Adapter for OEM Fuel Rail Connectivity
All Fittings and Hardware Needed for Installation

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