FUEL & MAF UPGRADES FOR Ported Blower or Bigger Blower 03-04 Cobra

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  • Easy installation
  • No knobs or switches to accidentally adjust
  • Full regulated power all the time
  • 40 amp rating
  • Provides additional mass-air range needed for upgraded superchargers
  • Easy to tune

Looking to upgrade your supercharger on your '03-'04 Cobra? This VMP Cobra fuel pack is a necessary upgrade to accommodate the added power of an upgraded supercharger such as a VMP TVS. 

The VMP Cobra fuel pack can easily handle 550-700 rwhp - above that, we recommend installing a return style fuel system. 

Easy 2-wire installation, the included VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster is a high efficiency unit that doesn't require any additional power wires or pressure switches. 

The 56 lb injectors, ensure great driveability and fuel economy for set-ups in the 650-750 rwhp range. 

The VMP 3000 MAF sensor is great for tonsil style MAFs with the smaller bolt pattern such as the '03-'04 Cobra factory 90 mm MAF. The small foot print sensors have a bolt spacing of 2.460" center to center. 

These are the only other upgrades required when installing a VMP TVS on your '03-'04 Cobra with a 3.2"-2.5" pulley. A 3.3" pulley can be ran on stock fuel.

Includes: (8) 56 lb injectors with correct USCAR connectors, (1) VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster, (1) VMP 3000 MAF sensor good for 800 rwhp.