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Mustang Lifestyle’s Project Car: Turdzilla: The Mustang Lifestyle crew has acquired a 1999 Mustang GT 4.6L 2V with 170,000 Miles. The car is mostly stock and needs so work to be back to its former glory but we plan to do much more than this! We plan to make a full race car! Road race, drift, drag, and street able using mostly bolt on style parts.

Engine Mods:



Build Thread:

Picking up the car: We picked up Turdzilla December of 2016. We bought Turdzilla with 170,000 Miles. The car is a 1999 Mustang GT. We bought the car for $1500. We had no idea what the condition of the car was before we drove 3 hours to go pick it up. We inspected for rust and we made sure the engine sounded healthy in order to drive home 3 hours from Tampa. Surprisingly A/C worked great and the car drove straight without much concern except for a bad sway in the rear end when going on and off the throttle. The car had a 03/04 Cobra Front Bumper that was not painted. The car was also missing a catback so it was running a O/R H pipe dumped.

Inspecting the car: After we picked the car up we decided to throw it up on a lift to further inspect the car. We found that it looks like there is a rear main seal leak as well as other leaks around the front of the engine. We also found that there was aftermarket upper and lower control arms in the rear. The car did actually have half of a catback so finishing the exhaust system will be pretty easy since the car just needs mufflers and some piping to hook up to the mid pipe.

Baseline Dyno Pull: What better way to get an idea for how healthy a car is than a dyno? We strapped the car down to the dyno and found that the car made 217RWHP and 261RWT. These numbers are definitely not bad for a stock 2v with basically no exhaust on it.

Destroy Old Leaky Tires: The 285 Nittos on the car were leaking so we decided to send them off with a bang!

New Tires and Surprises from Previous Owner: So we decided to throw on some 235 wide burners onto the car that we got from Brian. These would be fun tires to kill while driving around on them. We also found out that the car has 3 17×8 bullitt wheels and one 17×9 bullitt wheels. So the set is essentially mismatched.


Cobra Bumper Painted: We got the front bumper painted to match the Electric Green paint. The match was not bad but the car was a little faded so the bumper wasn’t a perfect match but it looked great for a $1500 car. We were very happy with the way the car looked with the painted bumper and it looked like we were really making progress quickly with the car. The rest of the paint on the car wasn’t great but we had always planned to paint the rest of the car to match the same color as the bumper later.

Ghost Cams?: So this isn’t exactly a build item but it is fun to pull a vacuum line and to hear what the car would sound like cammed. The car sounded mean and actually sounded pretty close to what it would sound like cammed.

Catback Install: So we picked up a set of Magnapack mufflers to have Tyler from Ice Cold Air and Muffler in Orlando to weld in. They also finished the existing catback. They did a fantastic job on the catback and it sounds great on the car.


Killing Tires with DBP in Turdzilla: In this video we didn’t add anything to the car but we passed the cars over to Derek (DBP) to driver and give his first impressions and to go kill some tires. He pointed out the death sway, stalling at stoplights, and missing gas pedal. (LOL)


A Turning Point… into a sign…: So I was driving the car home when a car merged into me and I was forced off the road. I was going about 55 MPH at the time and since ABS did not work the wheels locked and slid off the road. The other vehicle slowed down and took off. This was an upsetting day but looking back it led to some great things for the build. This incident helped progress the car into what it is today.



Hood and Body Parts for Turdzilla: We found that the car needed a few items.

Parts needed:

  • New bumper cover
  • New foam Bumper piece
  • Modifications to core support or new core support
  • Header panel
  • Plastic Radiator Cover
  • Headlights

We had to give a huge thanks to Ricky who sent the Cobra bumper, headlights, and everything needed! Thanks Ricky. We also thank everyone who donated money for the car to get back up and running. If you want your name published here please contact us.