Whipple GT350 Upgrade Pack

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As seen on Don's 2018 GT350R. Don's GT350R was a beast with the Whipple 2.9L Gen 4 Kit off the shelf but the tune left a lot to be desired. We decided to convert Don's GT350R to a custom tune from Palm Beach Dyno which does require some hardware changes but we made it happen and the results are incredible. 

This Kit Includes everything needed to convert to a custom tune from the whipple calibration. 

  • VMP IAT Harness
  • VMP Dual Fuel Pump Boosters Plug n Play for GT350 and GT350R *
  • nGauge with Palm Beach Dyno Tuning

Optional: 3.625" Pulley

Install and Dyno time can be arranged. Please contact Andrew 407-680-3494 with any questions. Call or Text. 

This kit requires that the computer is returned to stock. The Whipple flare tool will allow the vehicle to be returned to the stock calibration if that was what was used to tune the GT350 originally but the Whipple Tomahawk tool does not allow the vehicle to be returned to stock. A Ford IDS tool or a special file from Palm Beach Dyno will be needed to return to stock and read out the stock file on the nGauge. 

Installation of Parts: 

1. Use the supplied instructions on the VMP IAT Harness to install. This requires removing the factory whipple ACT sensor in the lower supercharger manifold with a 19mm socket. Install the new Brass IAT sensor. Plug in the sensor and the y Maf harness. Zip Tie excess wire. 

2. Install the VMP Fuel Pump Boosters using supplied VMP Instructions. Notes: Remove the rear seats or rear seat delete cover. Strip the side plastic of the VMP harness and the FPDM in order to allow the harness to plug in. This is required because the harness and fuel pump boosters are designed for various applications and the only difference is the plastic strip on the connector. The tab can be shaved off with a razor blade. Make sure you find a good ground and secure the boosters. On GT350 a 40 amp fuse is not required. 

3. Return the vehicle to stock calibration with whipple flare tool, IDS tool, or file from PBD using HP Tuners nGauge. 

4. Read the stock file out of the vehicle using the HP Tuners nGauge: Tuning > Read Vehicle > Ford > Gas > 15-17 Ford Mustang 5.0L

5. Using the SD card out of the nGauge. Navigate to stock files and send the file in the folder to PBD. PBD will send back a custom tune file. Drag and drop to custom files. 

6. Load tune into vehicle by navigating to Tuning > Tune Vehicle > Select the file and follow the prompts. 

7. Start vehicle and verify proper running conditions. Data log using PBD instructions.