Why does my Company need a blog?

Andrew Sheridan

Introduction to Blogging

What is blogging? Blogging is producing content with the intention of distributing via a website in order to spread a particular message. A blog post can contain content including text, photos, videos, and audio. Blogging does not just pertain to individuals who want to express their opinion or creative work online. Any company with an online website should have a active blog in place.

Why does my Company need a blog?

That is a very good question. A blog can help increase SEO ranking on Google. A blog post can help bring users in who are interested in the topic talked about. A blog post can contain useful information that the company provides which can relate to the product or service they offer. Blog posts do not necessarily need to directly reference a product or service. As long as the website is branded properly the logo, tagline, and other links are displayed on the page and can encourage the user to venture further or the user might remember the company for later.

What am I going to write about?

A company should think about what are common questions they receive via phone calls, emails, and social media posts. Answering these questions in a blog post is often a good place to start. Another great topic to write about is to find out what is trending in the industry and explain your companies’ take on it.

Ask your customers!

Your existing customers are a great source for information. Ask them what questions they had before purchasing. Answering questions in the form of a blog post is a great way to start.

Pros vs Cons:


  • Better SEO Ranking
  • Higher chance of conversion
  • Happy and Informed Customers
  • Higher visit duration on website


  • Time to manage

Blog Posts work for a long time!

The best thing about blog posts is they last. The post will continue to be searched and referenced. The following illustration from Hubspot describes exactly this.

How do I start Blogging?

For a company looking into starting a blog, I would suggest first talking with the person that manages their website. Integrating is seamlessly into the existing website is a great way to keep the website flow. If the existing CMS (content management system) does not have a blog implementation existent I would suggest a company look at WordPress.

WordPress is the leader in online blogging platforms. It is very simple to setup and provides a wide variety of customization, seo plugins, and great blogging tools to get your company up and running. Sign up forĀ WordPress today to get started blogging!


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